The Sandbox – Always by your side.

Welcome to the Sandbox.  Our hope is that this will become much more than a blog page on our website. You see, many years ago my then 8 year old daughter Bek, wanted to make a difference not just for herself, but for others with PSC. She was tiny, shy and her PSC robbed her of energy along with many other things.   But she concocted an idea that she wanted to raise funds for research, so I gave her the email of someone I’d recently met and admired……this simple email that she sent to a young woman in the US with PSC was the start of a long and beautiful friendship.  The two of them created a learning and sharing beyond anything I could have done.

Sandi loved to get alongside people and nurture, mentor and teach them through their PSC journey. She was a librarian by profession and instinctively gathered people into spaces where sharing and learning could take place. That’s how I came up with the name – The Sandbox.  It reflects Sandi’s name along with a simple place of coming together.  What better place to learn and create together than a sandbox? Who didn’t play in one as a kid, or have their kids play in one.  Days of playgroup when my kids were little, the parents would sit around the edges, or sometimes jump right in, while kids learned to share, to talk, to create and to discover. 

So, in honour of Sandi, and in her Sandbox, we are creating a space for blogs.  There’ll be a variety of content and we encourage you to comment on the blogs and share discussions around them.  Learning together can be one of the most powerful things we can do. So please, come sit with us in the sandbox, where someone is always by your side.

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