A less medical focus this fortnight – and more a wellbeing one. This is something written some time ago by one of our young committee members – I thought it relevent with the recent RUOK day.

It’s hard to pin-point how I feel.
There’s a mix of so many emotions. Sometimes, I don’t know how I feel. How I am. 
“How are you?” “Good”
I say that alot. You know, good. Sometimes it’s true, but sometimes it’s a lie.
Why do I say it? Because the reasons why I’m not good, even I don’t fully understand. So I don’t expect anyone to. 
I say it because you don’t really want to hear all the bad things in my life. There’s too many. It’s overwhelming, and you don’t need that.
I could tell you just part of it. But that would be worse than just “good”. 
As then you think you have a good picture, but you don’t. 

I’m often not good. But I pretend to be.

Why? Because sometimes that’s easier. I might be bad health wise. I might be bad emotionally. Maybe both. 
But I’m good also. There’s always a bit of good there. Always. 
Because if there’s someone talking to me, asking the question, then I’m just happy to be with you. 
It’s quite hard to find the good at times, but it’s always there. 
You’ll never really be able to tell if I’m truly good or not. But you can just be a friend, and have a nice time with me. As that’s all I really need to be good. A friend.

I can’t pin-point my feelings. I’m good, bad, sad, happy, excited, nervous, the list is endless. That’s why I choose the word good. Because there’s always a little bit of good.

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