Link for international Webinar – with thanks to ELPA and the entire International PSC team working together.

Start points for interest:

Dr Palak Trivedi – UK – Epidemiology of PSC and it’s impact on Health Care Services (approx 3min mark)

Dr Annika Bergquist – Sweden – PSC and Cancer Risk (approx 19 min mark)

Dr Udi Zigmond – Tel-Aviv – Emerging Therapies in PSC (approx 33 min mark)

Dr Joshua Korzenik – US – PSC and IBD (approx 53 min mark)

Dr Eyal Shteyer – Shaare Zedek Medical Centre – New Insights into Pediatric PSC (Approx 1hr 15min mark)

Dr Natassia Tan – Australia – PSC in Australia (approx 1hr 37min mark)

Prof Johannas Hov – Norway – On Research (approx 1hr 50 min mark)

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